I have the priviledge of 'owning' the original of this exquisite painting (Standing Chenrezig). It brings a deep feeling ..
Berry Shepherd
I have long been an admirer of Tibetan Sacred Art, especially sacred Thangka paintings. I also traveled to Nepal and Bhutan during the past ten years, where I saw many beautiful thangka paintings and other forms of sacred art displayed in their natural and cultural environments. When I saw the paintings of Kumar Lama, I was stunned by their power, exquisite beauty, form, clarity and artistry. The work of Kumar Lama is some of the finest painting that I have seen. He has developed a level of mastery that only great painters achieve over years of practice and study. He is not only a fine artist and craftsman, he also works with light in a way that brings a quality of luminosity to each painting that illuminates the sacredness of the work. His paintings are not just beautiful pieces of art, but sacred objects of great power for the spiritual practitioner as well as casual viewer. I have purchased two of Kumar Lama’s thangkas for my home and have also studied sacred Tibetan scroll painting with him. My thangkas include a large painting of the Amitabha Buddha (the red Buddha of infinite light) and a smaller one of the wrathful deity, Mahakala. When I installed them I could feel the energy in my home shift, becoming more uplifted and peaceful. It is an honor and blessing to have the paintings in my home. What makes Kumar’s work of such high quality? From my experience, his work is very precise, detailed and meticulously executed. He is a master of color and light. Many of the fine lines on the paintings are made with brushes of only a few bristles. The skill that it takes to paint these lines without the trace of a wiggle is the result of 25 years or more of daily practice. Kumar is very knowledgeable about the sacred subjects he paints, his images are drawn to the precise proportions and relationships prescribed in sacred texts, he uses the best quality paints and vibrant colors. He is a master painter building on many years of practice. Each thangka takes hundreds of hours to paint. They are works of devotion and love as much as they are works of art. As a teacher, Kumar is sensitive and gentle. He works with each student to help him or her feel a sense of confidence while learning the painting techniques. He is a warm and engaging teacher who paces his lessons well and shares insights from his many years of study and practice. Owning one of Kumar Lama’s paintings is an experience to treasure.
Leslie Shelton
Pacifica, California
September 2000

In 1995 Kumar Lama met Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen in Nepal. They have come to know of him for his intricate knowledge of Vajrayana symbolism and his capacity to bring visionary images to life. Kumar Lama a personal friend Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen , and they have Kumar Lama has accepted the challenge of painting a series of thangkas for the Confederate Sanghas of Aro, depicting all the lineage Lamas of the Aro gTér: Yeshé Tsogyel, Ma-gÇig Labdrön, Jomo Menmo, Jomo Chhi’èd Pema, Jomo Pema ’ö-Zér, Rang-rig Togden, Khyungchen Aro Lingma, Aro Yeshé, A-yé Khandro, A-shé Khandro, Akyong Düd’dül Dorje, Gomchenma Künzang Rang-rig Longtsal, and the five Dakini Mothers of Aro Yeshé - Khandro Ja’ gyür ’ö-Zér Nyima; Khandro Chö-ying Nyima ’ö-Zér; Khandro Rig’dzin Gong-tsal Takmo; Khandro Tsé-wang Gyür’mèd Pema; and Khandro Shardröl Rinchen Wangmo.

Ngak’chang Rinpoche say of Kumar Lama: “Kumar Lama is magnificent—both as a person and as a visionary artist. His magnificence lies his precision and consummate fluid ease. His paintings are luminous and clear in their sumptuous simplicity. His sense of harmony and visual balance are both natural and the result of utter dedication to the minutiæ, in terms of symbolic significance. Often where other lesser painters might flounder in terms of the unusual qualities of gTérma images, Kumar Lama is both inspiringly confident and relaxed. He truly lives in the sphere in which he portrays these fabulous realities, and it is an honour to be his friend.”

Khandro Déchen comments: “The Aro gTér lineage Lamas Kumar Lama has painted, have brought our lineage alive for students in a remarkable way – and in a way which we believe would have proved insurmountably difficult for many other thangka painters. There are few easily available images within the iconography of Vajrayana which portray powerful middle aged women – and the Aro gTér is made up almost entirely of such women. Lamas are usually painted as being the age they were when they had accomplished something important – so Aro Lingma is shown as a young woman and Aro Yeshé is shown as a boy of eight years. A-yé Khandro and A-shé Khandro are shown as teenage girls and the five mothers are shown from varying ages from 23 to 64. Kumar Lama’s skill and elaborate knowledge of Vajrayana visionary appearances enables him to execute work of the most inspiring kind and give a depth and breadth of the history of the Aro gTér which would otherwise not have been possible.”

Ven. Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen
Aro-Ter Lineage Line
"We love Kumar. He is an absolute joy to work with and his sacred artwork itself is pure inspiration. As we gaze into each thangka we feel invited, drawn in even further, to experience the unfolding of divine nature. Each image within the whole is a complete story told through Kumar's skillful brushstrokes. Kumar's presence as well as his art are truly gifts to be cherished! We feel certain that for all who lose themselves in the beauty of Kumar's sacred art, inner awakening both suble and deep will stir."
Laurie Brown
Bodhi House Retreat Center, Olympia
I am truly blessed to have come to know Kumar Lama in my lifetime. I have as much respect and admiration for him as a person as I do for his works of art. I first saw Kumar Lama's work at a wonderful exhibit of his thankas at our local art center. From an artistic perspective,I was immediately captivated by the exquisite rendering and mastery of detail of his work . From a spiritual perspective, I truly felt the positive energy and sense of awe evoked by his sacred images. After seeing Kumar Lama's sacred work, I commissioned a secular work from Kumar Lama of His Holiness. Working with Kumar regarding the composition was a joy. He was very empathetic to me as a person, making sure to include several details to personalize the commissioned work. His overall theme of illustrating the true compassion of His Holiness was exactly what I had wanted as a concept, but was not sure how to illustrate. Kumar Lama was able to conceive and create a true masterpiece. Kumar Lama's artwork is the jewel of my home. Meeting and getting to know Kumar Lama as a person has been a jewel in my life.
Susan Bachman
California, 2003

Kumar Lama taught the art of Thangka painting at The Evergreen State College from June 25 to July 1, 2004. The students had the opportunity to learn about the traditional training of a Thangka painter; they practiced drawing and painting and understood the rich iconography of Tibetan Buddhism.

Kumar Lama is an outstanding teacher. His gentle manner, sense of humor, and genuine interest in student's progress helped every student to succeed and to shine. Kumar Lama is able to prepare well thought-out sequential lessons that allow the students to become grounded and to develop technical skills.

Kumar Lama is a Master Artist and a National Treasure. His command of the painting mediums and his in-depth knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism make him a unique Art teacher. For the students of The Evergreen State College the opportunity to paint with and learn from Kumar Lama was a gift of a lifetime.

Hirsh Diamant,Ph.D.
The Evergreen State College
(July 2,2004)